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How to Stay Safe on the Road in Winter


As winter approaches, you start preparing for cold weather and snow. You have to break out your winter clothes, and dig your snow shovel and ice scraper out of the shed, and stock up on plenty of wood for your fireplace. You might be staying home this time of year, or you might be traveling out of town to visit family for the holidays.

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Winter weather can be scary and dangerous for travelers. Even the most experienced drivers might have some trouble on the road. You have to know how to properly drive on wet and icy roads to avoid spinouts and bad accidents. You also have to be prepared for winter road emergencies. Here are some tips for driving in winter weather conditions:

Before You Go

Before you hit the road, you should get your car serviced. Make sure your fluid levels are okay, check for leaks or badly worn hoses, and make any necessary repairs or replacements. You also need to put on your winter tires. They provide more traction on snow and ice. Make sure they are properly inflated and have plenty of tread. You should always swap out your summer tires for winter tires once temperatures drop below 45° F.

Make sure you stock your vehicle with supplies and emergency items, too. You should have a snow shovel and ice scraper, blankets and cold weather gear, food and water, a cell phone with a charger, any necessary medicine, jumper cables, a flashlight, and flares or emergency markers. You should also bring an abrasive material like sand or cat litter. If your car gets stuck in snow, you can sprinkle the material on the ground to get more traction.

Driving in the Snow

Here’s how you can be safe while driving in the snow or sleet, or on ice:

  1. Only go out if necessary. It’s best to avoid accidents and emergencies.
  2. Check the weather and plan your route ahead of time.
  3. Always wear a seatbelt. More accidents happen in the winter, and having your seatbelt on can save your life.
  4. Turn on your headlights. This will help you see the road, and help other drivers see you.
  5. Drive slower than you normally would. You have less time to stop or react when you’re driving fast.
  6. Accelerate and decelerate slowly. If you apply too much gas or brake pressure, you can lose traction, and lose control of your car all together.
  7. Keep a safe distance between your car and the car in front of you. Stopping is harder to do when the roads are wet.
  8. Don’t use cruise control. It can make you lose control of your vehicle when you’re driving in snowy and icy weather. You should be focused on speeding up or slowing down as needed, not maintaining a set speed.
  9. Don’t drive distracted. Always pay attention to your surroundings, not other passengers, your phone, or the radio.
  10. Turn on your defroster and ventilate your car as needed. When your windshield or windows fog up, you don’t have clear visibility of the road.
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Winter-Ready Cars For Sale in St. Paul, MN

If you want to find a car that’s equipped for winter weather, then come visit us here in St. Paul, MN! We can help you find a vehicle that can handle all road and weather conditions. We can also tell you more about financing or leasing a Honda. If you buy a new Honda through us, you’ll be eligible for our Buerkle Rewards Plus program. t comes with tons of great benefits, like two free oil changes, two free tire rotations, and 5% back on parts and services. We’re close to Minneapolis, Inver Grove, and Blaine, stop in today!