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Wheel Alignment

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Don’t let a poor alignment wear down your expensive tires! Instead of a costly tire replacement, come by Buerkle Honda for a quick and affordable wheel alignment. We offer 2-wheel and 4-wheel alignments on all makes and models. Get your car steering straight and keep your tires safe with one easy appointment!

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Wheel Alignment Services

Buerkle Honda offers lots of routine maintenance services like oil changes and alignments. Alignments are a low-cost service that will help lengthen the life of your tires. Wheels can become misaligned by a collision or just from normal driving use, so it’s a good idea to bring it in if you notice any unusual behavior from your vehicle. Your wheels might be misaligned if you notice your steering is “pulling” to one side, if your steering wheel is off-center or vibrating when you’re driving straight, or if you notice uneven tread wear on your tires. The fix could be as easy as a quick alignment!

Wheel Alignment in St. Paul, MN

What Is Wheel Alignment?

Over time or after a collision, your wheels may come out of alignment. There are a lot of different measurements used to measure the alignment of your wheels, including; camber, toe, caster, and more. When we perform an alignment, we adjust these measurements back into the specifications determined by car manufacturer specifications. It ensures that your car is traveling straight and true. It also makes sure that your wheel angles aren’t causing your tires to rub or ride off-kilter on the pavement, both of which can cause handling problems and premature tire wear.

Our mechanics use top-notch equipment to set your wheels back into your manufacturer’s specifications. This lets us get your wheels pointing straight and true again in no time! Wheel alignment is an express service at Buerkle Honda, so you can get in and out in a busy day with no hassle.

Why Bother With Wheel Alignment?

You might not notice a little steering pull once in a while. As it goes on, however, a misaligned wheel gradually wears away at your tire. Taking care of your tires helps keep your whole car in better shape, not to mention it extends the life of your tires. Good tires give you better handling, safer steering, and can even improve fuel economy. A wheel alignment is a quick service that will help get your car’s performance back to top-notch.

How Much Does Wheel Alignment Cost?

Wheel alignment costs may vary by vehicle, so you’ll have to contact us for an accurate price. At Buerkle Honda, we are committed to providing excellent service at an affordable price.

For those that are extra price-conscious, check out our Service Coupons for a wheel alignment coupon. Coupons change regularly, so check back often.

Wheel Alignment in St. Paul, MN

Wheel Alignment near You

Buerkle Honda is centrally located in St. Paul, MN, only minutes from Minneapolis, Woodbury, and Maplewood. See us today for affordable “wheel alignment near me.”

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