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Honda replacement keys

Did your only key get locked in your car, or maybe you just lost a key? We can get you a replacement! We have key blanks in stock for almost all Honda models and years so that you can get in and out as quickly as possible.

Order a replacement key

To order a new key, call our Service department to schedule an appointment. You will need your vehicle year and model information. We’ll make sure we have a key blank in stock for you.

Please bring the vehicle and any current keys you have with you, as well as something showing that you own the vehicle, such as an insurance card (if you bought it with us, you do not need this).

Typically, it takes about 1.5 hours to cut and program a spare key. Additional keys made at the same time add about 15 minutes each.

Do I need to bring the vehicle in?

Yes, to program a new key, you will need the vehicle with you.

In other words, if you don’t have any keys to the vehicle, you will need to have it towed in.


Here are some of the top questions we get about replacement Honda keys:

How much does a new car key cost?

Car keys are very different from a simple padlock key, for example. They include complex technology to help prevent your car from being stolen, and the prices reflect it. Typically, prices range from $200 – $400 per key. Call us for an exact price for your vehicle’s model and model year.

What technology do Honda keys have?

Honda keys for most 1998 and newer Honda vehicles have a chip inside the key that communicates with the vehicle’s onboard computer through the immobilizer to allow the vehicle to start. This makes it almost impossible for the vehicle to be stolen through a falsified key.

Do I need an appointment?

Yes, we recommend calling ahead just to be sure that we have a key blank in stock for your vehicle and will be able to get you in when you need. If we’re able to get you in right away, there’s no harm in calling!

Can you make a key if I give you my Honda’s VIN number?

We can cut a key for you with just a VIN, but to program a key, the vehicle needs to be present.

Can I program the key myself?

No. You might see instructions online using complicated steps like turning the key to some certain position, waiting 7 seconds, etc. The fact is that to program a Honda key, the car needs to be connected to a computer with special software from Honda. This software requires permission from Honda to be used, and you’re unlikely to find it anywhere but at a Honda dealership. This prevents thieves from getting black-market copies of keys made by claiming to own a vehicle that they don’t.

Can I get a Honda key at Ace Hardware, Menard’s, or Walmart (etc)?

While some specialty locksmiths may have the equipment required to cut a Honda key, you are extremely unlikely to find a business other than a Honda dealership that is able to cut and program a Honda key. A chain hardware store or big-box store especially is very unlikely to be able to help you.

My car won’t start and I know it’s due to the key. What should I do?

First, check to see if the battery in your key might be dead. We sell replacement batteries for a few dollars. If you can’t solve the problem and you don’t have a spare key, have your vehicle towed to the nearest Honda dealership.

My key is stuck in the ignition. What should I do?

Again, have the vehicle towed to the nearest Honda dealership.

How long does the battery in a Honda key last?

The batteries in keys and key fobs typically last 2-5 years with normal use. If you think your battery is running out, replacements are available for just a few dollars.

Can you make a copy of a key for me?

We can make a copy of the key if it is not too worn, but to program the key so you will be able to drive your vehicle, we will need the actual vehicle brought in. We can also cut a key with just the VIN as well, which is a better option as the existing wear and tear is not duplicated. You do not need to have a physical key with you to get a key cut.