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Honda Recall Service

Does your Honda have a safety recall?

A recall means your vehicle has an issue that could endanger the safety of the passengers, other drivers, or other people outside your vehicle, nand the manufacturer will repair it at no cost to you.

If your vehicle has a recall, you can have it repaired for free at Buerkle Honda. All safety recall repairs are free at any authorized Honda dealer.

Recalls are almost always for a specific batch of individual vehicles, not for all vehicles with that year/model combination, for example a 2016 Civic. They could be anywhere from less than 1% of vehicles of that model up to 100%. Because of this, a VIN lookup is the only way to know for sure if your vehicle needs the recall repair or not.

Call our Service team and they will do a VIN lookup for you, as well as schedule an appointment if needed.

What is a VIN?

Every vehicle sold has a unique Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN. This is used, for example, when buying or selling a vehicle, looking up service records, or with recalls to ensure the vehicle in question is exactly the right one. The VIN is engraved into the vehicle, and unlike a license plate number, it never changes no matter what state or country the vehicle is registered in.

With the help of a VIN, Honda can see if your vehicle was in the recalled batch, and if any authorized Honda dealer has ever reported that the repair was completed already.

You can check for safety recalls issued within the past 15 years using Honda’s website. You’ll be able to look up your individual vehicle by vehicle identification number (VIN), which is the best method, or by the year and model to see if there were any recalls made.

Don’t wait to check on your Honda’s recall status. Your safety is important!