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3360 Hwy 61 N, St. Paul, MN 55110

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Car Detailing

Buerkle Rewards Cash Back

Our detailers work on hundreds of vehicles every month and know how to give a weary daily driver its new-car glow back. Whether you’re looking for a quick touch-up, a full paint buffing service, or headlight restoration, bring it to our detailers. You’ll love the difference!

Take a look at our full list of detailing services. To make a detailing appointment, just call our service number (651) 490-6699 and ask for auto detailing.

Detailing Packages

Buff and Shine in St. Paul, MN

Mini Detail

Months of protection and glossy shine

Hand wax and buff

Wash windows

Express vacuum

Clean and dress wheels

Most Vehicles $99.95*

(651) 490-6699

Full Deluxe Detail in St. Paul, MN

Full Deluxe Detail

Restore new-car feel, inside and out

Hand wax and buff

Includes full Interior Deluxe Detail

Includes full Exterior Deluxe Detail

Includes engine detail

Car or Small SUV $299.95+

Van or Large SUV $399.95+

(651) 490-6699

Interior Detail in St. Paul, MN

Interior Deluxe

Free your car from dirt, grease and spills

Deep-clean carpet and mats

Condition and restore leather

Clean all interior surfaces

Deep-clean cloth seats

Car or Small SUV $199.95+

Van or Large SUV $239.95+

(651) 490-6699

Exterior Detail in St. Paul, MN

Exterior Deluxe

Protect your car and make it gleam

Handwash, polish and wax exterior

Remove contaminants and grease

Months of protection and shine

Clean glass and detail rims and tires

Most Vehicles $229.95*

(651) 490-6699

Other Detailing Services

  • Headlights – $114.95
  • Interior Deodorizer – $64.95**
  • Vacuum – $19.95
  • Engine Detail – $49.95
  • Dent Repair – By Estimate
  • Wet sand buff – By Estimate
  • Scratch removal – By Estimate

If you want your car to have that new-car glow, bring it to our service center here at Buerkle Honda for a full makeover! Getting all the little nooks and crannies cleaned out can make your car feel like it’s brand new again. Choose one of our auto detail packages or individual services and get started now!

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Learn More

We offer several different packages and lots of individual car detailing services here at Buerkle Honda. If you want your car, truck, or SUV to have that new-car-clean feeling again, but you don’t have the tools or time to do it yourself, leave it to us. Our team has everything we need to give you the best car wax, buff, and shine out there. Or, check out our interior car detailing services to and get your cabin back to squeaky-clean status.

Interior Car Detailing

We’ll also make sure the inside of your car gets the same attention to detail as the outside. Your cabin will look and feel like new by the time our deluxe interior service is done!

You’ll love the look and feel of your conditioned and restored leather seats and trim. If you have cloth seats, it’s no problem for us to deep-clean them and lift out all kinds of on-the-road grime.

We’ll also deep-clean your carpets and mats to lift out spills and odors that are hiding there. Our detailers can even remove some stains from the fragile headliner on the interior roof of your car. Plus, your whole interior will be nicely dust-free, and cleaned of all the sticky fingerprints, muddy footprints, and general grime and dirt!

Mini Detail

Our Mini Detail is the fastest way to give your car a quick touch-up! It will also help protect your car by keeping harmful debris from scratching up your car.

A Mini Detail package includes not only our hand wax and buff, but also an express vacuum service and more. You’ll also get sparkling clean windows by the time we’re done. We’ll also clean and dress your wheels, so that your car looks fresh and clean from top to bottom.

Please note, this is not a full wet-sand buff, and that service is available by quote based on your vehicle’s condition.

Exterior Car Detailing

Exterior detailing includes not just cleaning your car, but protecting it against the elements. In order to keep your car’s paint and wheels looking sharp for years, it’s important to protect them from wear and tear with thorough cleaning and wax treatments.

Our exterior car detailing starts with a diligent hand-wash, polish, and wax treatment. It includes clean glass and attention to detail. Our service team will clean out your car’s rims and tires as well, making sure that your car is free of grime and dust.

Our procedure also removes harmful contaminants and grease buildup that could damage your car in the long run. Our services are designed to give you months of protection and good-looking shine!

Other Detailing Services

We also offer more individual detailing services for your car. You can opt for one or more of these services to make your car cleaner, safer, and better-looking!

We offer headlight cleaning and detailing to make sure you have a clear view at night.

You can also get Aquapel treatments here! This rain-resistant windshield treatment gives you better visibility and safety in all kinds of weather conditions. You can also get a thorough deodorizer treatment here, to get all kinds of lingering smells out of your cabin.

We also provide engine detail services, which you can add to your interior or exterior services if you choose. Plus, we offer services to repair damage and restore your exterior.

Come see us for dent repair and scratch removal any time! We also offer wet sand buff services, so that we can get the scratches out and your paint looking brand-new again.

Honda Car Detailing in St. Paul, MN

Car Detailing near You

Buerkle Honda is centrally located in St. Paul, MN, only minutes from Minneapolis, Woodbury, and Maplewood. See us today for affordable interior and exterior car detailing.

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*Vehicles requiring unusually heavy amounts of labor may result in higher cost on any detail package. **No guarantees on deodorizer treatment. Not all odors can be removed.