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Honda air filters

We can install an new air filter in your Honda, or you can buy one from our parts department to take home and install yourself.

There are two kinds of air filters in most vehicles: the cabin air filter, and the engine air filter. Both should be replaced about once a year.

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Why you should replace your car’s cabin air filter

The cabin air filter for your car cleans the air you breathe. It is responsible for removing dust, smoke, pollen, and smog particles before the air is blown through the vents into the cabin.

Seasonal allergy sufferers know how important this is. If you hop into your car in November and your nose starts running, your air filter probably hasn’t been changed since summer ended, and has months’ worth of pollen collected in it.

Air filters get clogged over time and lose their effectiveness. A clogged cabin air filter also forces the fans work harder than intended to get air through the system. High humidity content in the air definitely doesn’t help either, and ultimately if you leave a years-old filter clogged with pollen and dust in humid Minnesota summers, it will probably start to grow mold as well.

The solution is simple: Change your air filter at least once a year.

Why you should replace your engine air filter

The engine air filter does the same thing for your car’s engine as what the cabin air filter does for your lungs: it cleans the air being used to keep the engine running.

When a combustion engine (gas or diesel, in the automotive world) runs, it burns fuel. To burn, the fuel needs oxygen, which it gets by pulling in vast amounts of air. Just like you wouldn’t want to add liquid smoke or a handful of dirt to your gas tank when you fuel up, you don’t want those coming in in particulate form in the airflow. The engine air filter protects your engine from particulate dangers.

For your engine, a clogged air filter means less airflow, which can mean slightly lowered performance and can be bad for your engine in the long term — just like if you had to breathe through a thick layer of fabric all the time, it causes additional strain.

Like almost all car maintenance, changing your engine air filter comes down to a smaller, regular investment to keep performance up and/or help avoid bigger problems in the future.

Contact our Service department to have your car’s air filters changed, or our Parts department to buy an OEM Honda filter.