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3360 Hwy 61 N, St. Paul, MN 55110

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Tire Center

We sell tires for any vehicle in your garage, whether it’s your Honda SUV, your Ford pickup, or your Mazda coupe.

You can choose from almost all available brands, including General Tire, Bridgestone, Michelin, Goodyear, Firestone, Yokohama, and more. You have the widest selection to find the best cost/benefit mix for you.

All quotes include installation, unlike other tire centers you might contact, and you can add any available rebates for the best possible price.

As a full-service repair shop, we can also provide a precise alignment if needed.

Call for Quote / Schedule: (651) 490-6699

When you buy tires from us, you’ll earn benefits you won’t get elsewhere:

24-month road hazard warranty1

  • 100% replacement coverage (up to $599 per tire maximum)
  • Flat tire repair coverage (up to $40/tire per occurrence)
  • Complete roadside assistance, including tire changes, fuel service, lockout service, battery jumps, and 15 mile towing
  • Nationwide coverage at participating Honda dealerships

Free lifetime tire rotations – $2202 value

Purchase a full set of 4 tires and get tire rotations at no charge for the life of the tires. Tire rotations help prevent uneven wear, extend your tires’ lifespan, and keep great driving performance.

$21 – $633 back in Buerkle Rewards+

5%4 of what you spend goes into your Buerkle Rewards+ account as service rewards — this is about a $21 – $63 value depending on your tires! This can mean your next full-synthetic oil change is paid for already. Sign up during your visit if you’re not a member yet.

Learn more about tires

Tire types

Without the right tires, your Honda won’t perform the way it should. In Minnesota, our weather conditions range from Floridian in the summer to absolutely Arctic in the winter, and these conditions are no easy going for tires. On top of that, you also need to think about durability, mileage, noise level, and maybe cornering performance if that’s important to you.

Our seasoned professionals will have advice for which set of rubber will best meet your needs. We have dozens of individual models for each specialized tire type:

  • Summer tires – Designed for conditions from “it’s a little chilly” going up to over 100 degrees. Recommended for use at temperatures 45 degrees and higher. Specific models might focus on wet pavement performance, dry pavement performance, long life, braking ability, or other characteristics.
  • Performance tires – If you love a twisting road with high speed limits, these tires are for you. Performance tires provide sharp handling, high traction, and fine-tuned responsiveness.
  • Winter tires – Designed for all conditions below about 45 degrees, including slush, snow, ice, cold rain, and dry roads. Specific models offer different blends of characteristics. Recommended for temperatures below 45 degrees, even if roads are dry. Try them and see what a difference they make!
  • Mud or all-terrain tires – Aggressive tread patterns and soft rubber for muddy or sandy roads where there’s no asphalt to be seen. They can also add a new look to your truck or SUV!
  • All-season tires – Many Minnesota drivers use all-season tires year round. All-seasons will enable you to drive in most conditions, however Minnesota’s extreme differences between summer and winter conditions are beyond the physical ability of tires to handle well from one extreme to the other. The same rubber that won’t melt in 110 degrees simply can’t perform well in 10 degrees. We strongly recommend separate winter and summer tires for improved safety and performance.
  • Long-life tires – Tire lifespan is one of the most valued characteristics of tires. Long-life tires are rated for higher than average mileage, whether they’re summers, winters, or all-seasons.
  • Spare tires – It’s rare that you’ll need a replacement spare tire, but if you do, contact us.
2017 Honda Civic tires

Current Tire Offers

Call for Quote / Schedule: (651) 490-6699

Tire installation at our service center

Our tire quotes include installation, unlike other tire centers you might contact. At a big-box store, you probably won’t even be able to have your tires installed there.

Usually, it’s just 1-2 days from preordering until you can come in!

Here’s how easy it is to get your new tires:

  1. Call ahead for quotes and to preorder.

  2. Check your vehicle: If you’re taking home your current tires (for example, if you’re swapping seasonal tires), make sure there’s room for them in your car.

  3. Come to our service center at the scheduled time. Drive in through the automatic garage doors.

  4. A team member will greet you and confirm your service.

  5. We’ll bring your vehicle to the shop, where your pre-ordered tires will be ready and waiting. Our team will also check your alignment, brakes, and other basics on your vehicle while it’s in the shop.

  6. If we find anything you might want to know about, we’ll contact you and go over what we found.

  7. When your car is ready, we’ll wash it and bring it back to the service drive.

  8. We’ll call you to the service drive to review your invoice and check out!

When you come in to have your tires installed, our team can also check your vehicle’s alignment and correct it if needed. A correct alignment is important so your vehicle will drive straight and smoothly, your tires will wear evenly, and you will get the best handling and grip out of your new tires. New tires on a bad alignment can still leave you with a dangerous vehicle.

To see if you can save on your next service, be sure to check out our current tire and service specials.

Are you interested in learning more about what the team at Buerkle Honda can do for you? You can visit the tire experts and ask questions at our service department in St. Paul, MN.


1. Road hazard warranty applies for tires purchased and installed in our service center, for the life of the tires, while owned by original buyer or a family member.

2. $220 value: Tire rotations, for maximum tire life and handling, are recommended every 6,000 – 8,000 miles by most manufacturers. Based on a 60,000 – 80,000 mile typical tire lifespan and $22 typical tire rotation cost. – $30 value: Based on $600 total cost for tires plus installation. Rewards earnings will vary. Free tire rotations apply for tires purchased and installed in our service center, for the life of the tires, while owned by original buyer or a family member.

3. Approximate earnings. Based on least expensive tires available for 2018 Honda Fit and most expensive tires available for 2018 Honda Pilot, final installed price for a set of 4, as of October 2020.

4. 5% back in the form of Buerkle Rewards earnings, to be used toward future transactions at Buerkle dealerships. Rewards have no cash value. Rewards expire 18 months after the last qualifying transaction at a participating Buerkle dealership, including service visits fully covered by warranty. On items covered by insurance or warranty, rewards are earned only on the deductible amount. May be used towards down payment, lease cap cost reduction, service, parts and/or customer pay body shop expenses. May not be used for auto body insurance deductible. See for full details.