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What’s Leaking Under My Car?


You pull out of your garage, driveway or parking spot at the grocery store, and there’s a puddle on the ground. Something is leaking under your car, and you don’t know what it is or where it’s coming from. It could be something minor, or it could be something that needs to be fixed right away. Drips and leaks happen for many reasons. And, they all have different colors, textures and smells. Here are the most common types of car leaks and their causes.

Engine Oil

Engine oil leaks from the front of your car. It will be brown or black and slick, and it will smell slightly burnt. You might have a cracked oil pan or faulty engine valves. You have to make sure your oil pan plug is in place and the oil filter is secured.

Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid will leak close to the center of your vehicle. It can be reddish and thin or brown and thick, and it smells like gasoline. Your transmission fluid might need to be replaced. Or, there might be a more serious problem with your engine. Take your car to a mechanic immediately.

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid can leak anywhere under your car. It’s also hard to distinguish from power steering fluid because it’s a similar color and texture. You might have worn brake pads or shoes. If you lose break power, you can get into an accident. So, take your car to a mechanic immediately.

Power Steering Fluid

Power steering fluid will usually leak from the front half of your car. It’s reddish and slick like engine oil, but thinner. This leak happens as your car ages because your O-rings and seals lose mass and form. Most power steering systems work with hydraulics. When you turn your wheel, the power steering fluid fills a cylinder your steering system, which applies for to the wheels to help you turn. If you wheel is hard to turn, you need more fluid.

Windshield Wiper Fluid

Windshield wiper fluid will leak near the front of your car. It will usually be a bright color, and it has the consistency of water. Wiper fluid is used to clean your windshield. So, if it leaks, it won’t affect how your car runs.

Engine Coolant/Antifreeze

Antifreeze can leak from the front of your car or your exhaust pipe. It’s usually green, but it can also be bright orange, pink or red. It’s thinner than oil but thicker than water, and it smells sweet. This leak can be caused by a hole in your radiator or a water pump malfunction. It can seriously damage your engine, so take your car to a mechanic immediately.


Water can also leak from your car after you run your air conditioner. Condensation builds up in your AC when it’s on. The system collects the water and drains it through a small tube under your car. This leak won’t affect how your car runs.

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Car Maintenance In St. Paul, MN

If something’s leaking under your car, stop by our dealership here in St. Paul, MN! We’ll figure out what it is and fix it for you at our auto body shop. We have the best equipment and staff. And, the shop is equipped to work on all makes and models. If you’re shopping around for a new car, we have an awesome selection of Hondas in all sizes and trim levels. When you purchase or lease any vehicle from a Buerkle dealership, you’ll earn valuable rewards through our Buerkle Rewards+ program. Our dealership is close to Minneapolis, Inver Grove, and Blaine. We look forward to seeing you!