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What’s Good Mileage for a Used Car?


So you want to buy a used car. You have to consider price, make, model, condition, features, and vehicle history. You also have to focus on mileage. How do you determine if a model you’re looking at has too many or too few miles? Here’s some help.

What’s good mileage?

The average person drives around 12,000 miles per year. So just multiply that number by the car’s age. Good mileage would be 60,000 for one that’s five years old, 120,000 for one that’s 10 years old, and so on. Significantly more or less miles could be a bad sign.

How many miles is too many?

Mileage can be misleading, so there’s no definitely answer to how many miles is too many. But if a car has averaged way more than 12,000 per year based on it’s age, you probably shouldn’t buy it. Unless it’s a rental car, for example. It probably has a lot of miles, but it was probably maintained by the rental company.

How many miles is too little?

A car with low mileage is typically a good sign. But it’s possible that the car hasn’t been driving enough. Get a vehicle history report to make sure the odometer reading is accurate. The car’s appearance is also very telling. One that hasn’t been driving a lot during its lifespan probably has very little damage or wear and tear.

If the car’s been sitting for a while, though, some parts may have dried out and might need to be fixed. So you’re stuck with some repair bills right away. You should have it inspected by a mechanic before you to buy it to make sure everything’s okay.

Can I buy a car with high mileage?

Newer cars are made to last longer. And if you buy one with high mileage, it’s already depreciated. That means it has already lost a lot of its value. Ones with a lot of miles are usually well-lubricated, and they also burn carbon build-up. Both of those things help the engine last longer.

In contrast, ones with low mileage likely haven’t had as many fluid changes. And that can stir up problems later on. But if you’re buying a car with more miles, make sure it has only had one or two owners. If it’s had a lot, then it probably hasn’t been well-maintained.

Used Cars For Sale in St. Paul, MN

We have a huge selection of used vehicles and Certified Pre-Owned Hondas in St. Paul, MN. Ones that are certified pre-owned have been thoroughly inspected and refurbished, they’re no more than five years old, and they only have up to 80,000 miles. You can learn more about them here. We also have a ton of brand new Hondas in stock. And every vehicle purchase or lease includes valuable Buerkle Rewards+ benefits. We’re in between Minneapolis, Woodbury and Stacy!