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The Best Honda Features for Your Money


Carfax has listed the Best Car Features for Your Money in 2021. And, unsurprisingly, almost every one is included on a 2021 or 2022 Honda. Here they are.

Adaptive Cruise Control

This feature is included in the Honda Sensing suite. It helps you keep a safe distance between your car and the one in front of you. It even includes low-speed follow on some Hondas. Then it can stop your car automatically, like when it senses you’re stuck in traffic. Just press the cruise control switch or the accelerator to get moving again, and your car will get back to its set speed.

Blind Spot Monitoring

This is also included in the Honda Sensing suite on higher trim levels. There are a pair of sensors, one on each rear corner of your car. If one detects that another car is in your blind spot on either side of you, it will light up. It will also flash and make sounds to catch your attention if your turn signal is on. Then you know when you can and can’t change lanes. The system covers around 13 feed behind the car and 10-and-a-half feet on either side of it.

Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

If your Honda has a touchscreen display, it has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration. It’s wireless on newer models, like the 2022 Civic Sedan. You can connect your phone to your car as soon as you get in. Then you can make calls, send texts, and use music and navigation apps.

Heated Seats

These work quicker than the traditional heater in your car. Just press a button and the seats will warm up quickly to keep you as comfortable as possible. There are three settings so you can make them as warn as you want. Two-row Hondas have heated front seats. Three-row models also have heated rear seats.

Multi-Zone Climate Control

Every two-row Honda has dual-zone climate control. You can set two different temperatures in the front of the cabin for the driver and front passenger. Three-row Hondas have tri-zone climate control. You can set two temperatures in the front and a third in the back.

Electric Powertrains

All-electric Hondas offer instant torque and power delivery, and straight-line acceleration. Two Hondas fit in this category – the Clarity Plug-In Hybrid and the Clarity Fuel Cell. There’s also the upcoming 2024 Prologue. The brand also plans to sell only battery-electric and fuel-cell vehicles by 2040.

Honda Cars For Sale in St. Paul, MN

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