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Should I Finance or Lease a Car?


The decision to buy or lease your ride is a tough one. If you buy it out right, you have higher monthly payments. But then you own it out right. A lease has lower monthly payments. But then you may be in a cycle where you never stop paying for a vehicle. Let’s discuss the good and the bad so you know what’s right for you.



  • Own it and keep it as long as you want.
  • Sell it or trade it in at any time.
  • Drive as many miles as you want.
  • Modify or customize any parts.
  • No charges for wear and tear.


  • A bigger down payment.
  • Higher monthly payments.
  • Long-term maintenance costs.
  • Excessive wear lowers the value.
  • Excessive mileage lowers the value.



  • Get a car you otherwise couldn’t afford.
  • Get a new car at the end of the lease.
  • Lower monthly payments.
  • Less money down.
  • Manufacturer warranties.


  • You don’t own the car.
  • You can’t customize it.
  • You might always be in a lease.
  • Excessive wear and tear charges.
  • Limit on your mileage.


Assess your monthly budget and weigh out your options before making a decision. Go with what’s more appealing but also more financially responsible. And remember, you can always negotiate the cost of a loan or lease. There are plenty of choices for cars, trucks, SUVs, and minivans. So no matter what, you can find something that works for your family.

New and Used Cars in St. Paul, MN

Get the best deal on a car in St. Paul, MN. Check them all out on our website. Then test drive your favorites at our dealer. If you don’t know whether to finance or lease, we’re here to help. new HR-V is a luxury SUV at a non-luxury price. We always have the best prices and offers. And an amazing Buerkle Rewards+ program. You’ll save big even after you drive off the lot. Come see us near Roseville, Oakdale, and Inver Grove Heights.