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How to Protect Your Catalytic Converter


Catalytic converter theft is on the rise all over the country. It’s like a filter for your car’s exhaust system that reduces harmful emissions. It’s made of incredibly precious metals that are more valuable than gold. So it’s highly valuable.

It’s also incredibly easy to steal. You just have to slide under a car and remove it with a battery-powered saw. Or, in some cases, simple hand tools. That takes just a few minutes. And, of course, it’s expensive to replace.

How to Know if it’s Stolen

  1. There’s a large hole in your exhaust.
  2. The piping has been cut away.
  3. You smell something strange.
  4. You hear a loud roar when you turn on the engine.
  5. You hear sputtering sounds when you accelerate.
  6. The ride is bumpier than usual.

How to Prevent Theft

  1. Have it engraved with your license plate number. This can be done at some police departments and muffler shops for free. Then it can be tied to a theft, so it’s almost worthless.
  2. Park indoors, or in a well-lit area near security cameras.
  3. Get a dash camera. Some have motion sensors, so they’ll record anyone who’s close to your car.
  4. Get an anti-theft device, like a metal shield, cage, or armor plating.

What to Do if It’s Stolen

  1. Take pictures of the damage/theft.
  2. File an insurance claim and a police report.
  3. Buy an aftermarket catalytic convertor if they’re allowed in your state. They’re much cheaper, and usually less desirable for thieves.

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