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Honda’s Intelligent Traction Management System


The Honda Passport, Pilot, Ridgeline and Odyssey are always equipped for adventure. That’s because they have an Intelligent Traction Management System. It helps you maintain traction and stability in different road and weather conditions. Here’s more about it.

How It Works

The system works in tandem with your car’s Shift-By-Wire transmission, Vehicle Stability Assist system, and all-wheel drive system (if you have one). There are three drive modes:

Snow Mode – sets the transmission to start in second gear and adjusts the throttle for less pedal sensitivity to minimize wheel slippage

Mud Mode – delays upshifts for increased wheel torque and adjusts VSA to allow more wheel slip, so you maintain momentum

Sand Mode – gives you more aggressive pedal tuning to minimize throttle delay, and delays upshifts for increased wheel torque

Two-wheel drive models have snow mode, and all-wheel drive models have all three.

How to Use It

  1. Put your car in park.
  2. Press the “snow” button on your gear selector on a two-wheel drive vehicle, or the vehicle icon button if you have all-wheel drive.
  3. The drive modes will pop up in your driver information center.
  4. Press the button again to cycle through the modes.
  5. Wait a few seconds when the mode you want is highlighted so it can engage.
  6. You’ll stay in that mode until you choose another one or restart your car.
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Hondas With Intelligent Traction Management in St. Paul, MN

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