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FAQ: Can My Honda Have a Roof Rack?

If you want to prep your Honda SUV for the best adventures you can find, you’re probably thinking of all the gear you’ll want to take with you. There are tons of great Honda accessories that can outfit your vehicle to fit your needs! One of the most common questions we see is about whether your Honda can support a roof rack, so let’s take a look at what your Honda SUV can do!

Honda Pilot roof rack

Can my Honda CR-V have a roof rack?
Absolutely! The Honda CR-V comes with small roof rails that you can attach Honda Accessory crossbars to. These crossbars are specially designed to fit with your CR-V’s roof rails, so you’ll get a nice secure fit and won’t risk damaging your roof. They can hold a load up to 165 lbs. when loaded properly, so you won’t have to leave any of your gear behind! Once the rails are installed, you can also choose to add a bike attachment to them, so that it’s quick and easy to load up your bike without taking up interior cargo space.

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Can my Honda Pilot have a roof rack?
The Pilot is certainly built to take all your fun stuff with you, so you can definitely mount a roof rack on the top! The Pilot’s roof rails are available in either black or silver, so you can choose which crossbar style fits your exterior paint choice! With the Pilot’s larger roof space, you can mount a fork mount or a frame mount to put your bike easily up on the roof. If your family needs lots of space for luggage or gear on trips, a roof rack is a great place to secure a luggage box for extra room.

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Can my Honda HR-V have a roof rack?
Even the littlest Honda SUV can join in the fun! You can certainly equip your Honda HR-V with a roof rack so that it’s ready to carry all your gear wherever you go. With the Honda Second-Row Magic Seats, it’s possible to fold down the HR-V seats to create space inside to stash your bike or equipment. But if you need to haul your bike plus all your friends, having a roof rack is a great way to make the extra space!

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Can my Honda Odyssey have a roof rack?
Minivans are all about that storage space, so the Odyssey definitely provides ways to expand your cargo solutions! The Odyssey’s roof rails can absolutely be equipped with a handy roof rack. You can also get two different mounting accessories for bikes, for frame mounting or fork mounting. Whether your family vacations at the beach or in the mountains, you can load up your Odyssey with everything you might need.

Honda Odyssey roof rack

Can my Honda Ridgeline have a roof rack?
Not only can the Ridgeline have a roof rack, but this awesome midsize pickup actually offers even more cool storage solutions! You can equip your pickup with silver or black roof rails and crossbars, and then add any number of cool attachments, including a ski attachment, kayak attachment, roof mount or fork mount bike attachment, or a good multi-purpose roof box. If you’re looking for maximum storage space, there are also two unique bed extenders to increase your Ridgeline’s capacity. There’s a Honda bed extender to give you an extra 16 inches of secure storage, up to a maximum cargo length of 76 inches! If you need to transport your Honda motorcycle for some serious fun, there’s a motorcycle-style bed extender that makes it easy and safe!

Honda Ridgeline roof rack

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