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FAQ: Honda Oil Change


Like many people, you might have questions about how and when you should be getting an oil change. Getting an oil change is a critical part of keeping your car in tip-top shape, so a regular Honda oil change is necessary. You might have some questions about what you should do or why your Honda oil change is important, so you can always give us a call at Buerkle Honda to have all your questions answered. You can also take a look right here to see if one of your questions is on the FAQ list!

Why Is My Honda Oil Change Important?

Oil has several very important jobs in your engine. Your engine is made up of lots of metal parts moving and rubbing against each other, and it will eventually create harmful wear and tear if your engine doesn’t get fresh, clean oil when it needs it. The oil also helps keep the engine components cool, which is a big job when your engine is designed to heat up! Basically, oil is very important for your engine to keep moving without overheating, so be sure to keep up with your Honda oil change maintenance on time!

Honda Oil Change in St. Paul, MN

How Often Do I Need a Honda Oil Change?

It depends! Depending on your vehicle, driving habits, and oil type, you probably only need an oil change a few times a year. You can even check your oil by yourself every few hundred miles if you like to stay on top of things. If you’re not sure how to check your oil or tell when it needs to be changed, don’t worry. Your Honda oil change service mechanic will give you a date and suggested mileage that you can keep an eye on, so that you’ll know when to come in for your routine service.

Honda Oil Change in St. Paul, MN

Where Can I Schedule My Honda Oil Change?

You can make an appointment right here with our handy online scheduler! Your Honda oil change also falls under our Express Services, so you can get in and out in no time! If you’re not totally sure when you’ll be able to make it to a service shop, don’t worry, because our service center also takes oil change services as walk-ins!

Honda Oil Change in St. Paul, MN

Honda Oil Change Service in St. Paul, MN

If it’s time for you to change your Honda’s oil, you can make an appointment by giving us a call or using our online scheduler! Honda oil changes are also one of our Express Services, so you can get in and out in no time. We have a special team of Express Service advisors, technicians, runners, and cashiers to make sure you get a speedy experience. Best of all, Express Service doesn’t cost extra! You get the same great value as your regular service. Of course, you can also choose to knock out your tire rotations or other services while you’re here. Just let us know which services you require and whether you’d like to schedule an express service or not.

We’ll also handle walk-in service for Express or regular services, so don’t wait to get your Honda oil change when the time comes! If it’s time to bring your car in for an oil change, come visit us near Minneapolis, Maplewood, and Woodbury, MN and we’ll get your Honda back in shape in no time. We’ll see you soon!