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7 Safety Tips for Brake Safety Awareness Month

August is National Brake Safety Awareness Month! It’s important to stay on top of your car’s maintenance to ensure that your drives are safe, comfortable, and stress-free. This month, take some time and pay special attention to the condition of your brakes, or bring your vehicle in for a brake service at a trusted service center like Buerkle Honda. As the sponsor of National Brake Safety Awareness Month, aims to make sure that all vehicle owners understand the importance of taking care of your brakes with basic maintenance tasks in additional to your car’s annual inspections.

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Below are the seven signs that your vehicle may have some brake problems, as outlined by the Car Care Council.

1. Screeching Noise

If your brakes start to make a screeching or grinding noise when you press the pedal, you’ll know it’s time to get your brakes checked on. This is one of the most common sign of brake wear. Your brake pads will start to make this screeching sound when they get worn down enough, so that you know it’s time to replace them. When you hear this, bring your car in for brake service before the wear and tear can damage your other brake components!

2. Pulling to the Side

If your car pulls to one side when you press the brakes, it could mean that there’s an issue with one of your brake components. It might feel similar to driving a car that’s out of alignment, except you’ll only notice this pull when you’re braking.

3. Low Pedal Pressure

Does your brake pedal travel almost to the floor before you feel any braking power? If it takes a lot of pressure before your brakes respond, the low pedal pressure could indicate a big problem. Low pedal pressure can often indicate problems that precede brake failure, so be sure to take your car in for brake service soon.

4. Hard Pedal Pressure

On the other hand, hard pedal pressure can also indicate a problem. If your brakes are very difficult to depress, or if you have to press down harder and harder to get the same result, there are probably some brake problems. Your brakes should be responsive and should engage without needing to press down too hard.

5. Grabbing

Grabbing means that your brakes seem to engage even if you just touch the brake pedal lightly. This kind of over-sensitive braking can also signify problems with the brake system or components.

6. Vibrations

Your braking process should be smooth and consistent. If you feel stuttering, pulsing, or vibrating when you press the brake pedal, there could be a problem. Oftentimes these kinds of vibrations can indicate that the brakes are near the end of their life, and might be a precursor to brake failure.

7. Brake Light Illuminated

Don’t ever assume that a warning light can wait, especially if your brake light goes on. There are lots of parts to your vehicle’s braking system that could be worn out or failing, and the brake light is warning you about it. The light could indicate a problem with the anti-lock brake system, brakes that are worn out or failing, or another problem within the system. Bring your car to a service center and get the problem checked out and repaired right away.

Honda Brake Service in St. Paul, MN

The best way to make sure your brakes are safe and functional is to get them checked out at a trusted service center like the one right here in St. Paul, MN! Buerkle Honda offers a full service center staffed with friendly and experienced workers who will make sure your brakes are in top-notch condition. Whether you own a Honda or another make, you can make an appointment during National Brake Safety Awareness Month to make sure you’re all set! You can even find a special brake service coupon available for the month of August. Feel free to give us a call or set up an appointment quickly and easily online!

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