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5 Reasons to Lease a Honda


The Utah Honda Dealers Association came up with 5 reasons why now is the time to lease a Honda . Want to know what those reasons are?

Top Five Reasons to lease a Honda:

1.    The Honda 2010 Model Year End Sales Event offers Featured Special Leases on 2010 models as low as $159.00 per month for 36 months. Because Honda is making room for 2011 models, the pricing on 2010 models is the best it’s going to be.
2.    Leasing a Honda is ideal for those who want new, updated models. Despite the impressive resale value of a Honda, buying is a long-term commitment, while leasing ensures the newest technology and safety features on the market.
3.    Leasing a Honda means lower monthly payments than buying a car. The money saved can go towards an upgraded vehicle that a buyer might otherwise not have been able to afford.
4.    No headaches maintenance. Warranties generally cover the length of the lease, so if any problems are encountered, the manufacturer will cover the cost of repair.
5.    No selling hassles at the end of the lease. Instead of trying to get your money’s worth on your used vehicle by placing ads in the paper, leasers simply trade it in for the latest Honda model.

“In a lot of ways, leasing a vehicle simplifies life,” says Ron Henson, President of Utah Honda Dealers Association. “There are less hassles, less uncertainties about warranties, repairs or insurance. Leasing offers the latest models on the market for a lower cost than buying. In the current recession, it gives those interested in the latest Honda technology an affordable way to try out the cars they are interested in.”

Find out how to lease a new Honda near you today at your local Honda dealership.