Warranties and Insurance

We offer services and products to help keep your investment as perfect as the day you bought it, including warranties, paint protection, and maintenance contracts.

Protect Your Vehicle

Glasscoat Paint Protection

Simonize GlassCoat Paint Protection

Simonize GlassCoat is a technology developed to permanently protect a vehicle both on the interior and exterior.

On the exterior the patented solution forms a molecular bond with the clearcoat over your vehicle’s paint. When we apply Simonize GlassCoat to your vehicle, we need to make sure it is perfectly clean and there are no water stains, flecks of dirt or anything else on the paint, because if GlassCoat is applied on top, it will be almost impossible to get down to the imperfection to remove it.

The interior, Teflon(r)-based product protects fabric and leather seats, floor mats, door trim, and the cargo area.

GlassCoat is a popular product with our customers and we are proud to have this available to you.


Windshield Glass Protection

Like most drivers you have probably seen a clear new windshield slowly become pitted or “sandblasted” with tiny spots that catch the light, making seeing into the setting sun or oncoming headlights almost impossible. In the Midwest this happens very quickly from winter road treatments and summer road construction.

Thankfully, it is possible to prevent these glare spots and lines! We are proud to offer ZurichShield windshield sealant – make your windshield invisible again!

  • Dramatically reduces risk of rock chip damage
  • Improves vision for night driving
  • Repels snow and ice, sap, and other substances, making frost removal and cleaning much easier
  • Strengthens glass
  • 5-year warranty included


SkipChips Paint Protection Film

Rock chips and pits attack paint on your vehicle as well as the windshield. For protection of the most susceptible spots SkipChips will go a long way!

  • Helps preserve your vehicle’s paint job
  • Protects against chips, scratches, bugs, stains
  • Can enhance resale value
  • Keep your vehicle looking newer, for longer

Warranties and Insurance

GAP Warranty Coverage

GAP warranty coverage pays the difference between insurance settlement and existing loan balance if the vehicle is a total loss or stolen.

Lease Wear and Use Protection

Lease Wear and Use Protection provides coverage for charges assessed to the lessee for wear and use beyond what is allowed by the contract.

Road Hazard Coverage

Obtain coverage for damage to tires and wheels as a result of road hazards such as metal, nails, glass, debris, potholes and more.

  • Tires will be repaired or replaced
  • Zero deductible
  • Transferable

Key Replacement Programs

Replace your key or vehicle key remote when it is lost, damaged or stolen.

  • Zero deductible
  • Covers alternate transportation to your destination if locked out

Maintenance Programs

Make maintenance easy – pre-pay all your oil changes and tire rotations. With a zero deductible, just present your maintenance ID card when you come in for service. We will process your payment from the insurer for you.

  • Available for up to 60 months
  • Eligible on vehicles up to 15 years old
  • Eligible on vehicles with up to 150,000 miles

Extended Service Contracts

Pays parts and labor for covered repairs on your vehicle. Coverage is transferable if you sell your vehicle.

  • Nationwide coverage
  • Roadside Assistance included
  • Affordable options with your choice of coverage
  • Low deductible
  • Maximum benefits