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3360 Hwy 61 N, St. Paul, MN 55110

Map of St. Paul, MN Showing Location of Buerkle Honda


What you’ll need to sell or trade in your car

Get an appraisal in our store in St. Paul

To get an appraisal (an amount we’ll pay you for your car) in the store, you’ll just need to bring in your car and any spare parts like cargo covers, headrests, and spare tires.

If you would be ready to sell the car right away, we also suggest bringing everything on the list below that you will need to actually sell us your car or trade it in.

We suggest an appointment for an in-store appraisal. You can make an appointment by calling our Sales department.

Get an appraisal from home

Ready to get a quote for your car without needing an appointment or a store visit? Here’s what we’ll need to give you a real price through an online appraisal, whether you’re located in Minnesota, Wisconsin or elsewhere.

We’ll still need to do a final test drive when we get the car to ensure everything is accurate, and check for any obvious engine noises and so on.


We’ll need one clear photo of each of these. A smartphone photo is good enough; just make sure the lighting is good (eg, daylight), the photo is clear, and the area you’re photographing fills the whole screen without being cut off.

  • Exterior, driver’s side of car
  • Exterior, passenger side
  • Exterior, front
  • Exterior, back
  • Dashboard (with the car turned on; make sure odometer miles are visible)
  • Front row
  • Rear row(s)
  • Tire condition (use a penny to show tread depth)
  • Damage items: Any dents, stains, tears, paint damage, or windshield damage that is visible from a couple feet away, both interior and exterior.

Vehicle information

We’ll need some details about your car as well.

  • VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) — either a photo of the VIN (typically found on the driver’s door jamb), or the text. A VIN looks like this: JH4TB2H26CC000000
  • The VIN should give us information on the engine, trim level, and so on, but we may need to confirm it with you.
  • Any customizations you’ve had done, like a trailer hitch, paint protection film, etc
  • Recent maintenance and repairs
  • Any issues you know about, such as engine noises, overdue maintenance, or unstable steering
Get an online appraisal

When you’re ready to sell or trade in your vehicle

To trade in or sell your vehicle, you’ll need to bring us some paperwork and other items as well as the vehicle.

We cannot sell or buy vehicles without legally required documentation.

Do bring:

  • TitleIf you cannot find the title to your vehicle, we have paperwork for you to fill out so that we can obtain a copy of your title from the state of MN.
  • Lien releaseIf you have a loan on your vehicle or have ever had a loan on it, we cannot purchase it from you without a lien release.
  • 2 sets of keysHaving only 1 set of keys may lower the value we can offer, because we need to have a second key made.
  • Owner’s manual and documents ( + any documentation of maintenance. Your service records with Buerkle are on file with us.)
  • Parts that belong with the vehicle – Cargo covers, headrests, spare tire, etc

If any parts like the spare tire (if equipped) are missing, we will need to replace them at a cost to us, which lowers the amount we can offer you for the vehicle.

Leave behind:

  • Bike rack, seat covers, etc
  • Spare children’s car seats
  • Groceries, tools, and any other cargo from your trade-in
  • You do not need to vaccuum or deep-clean your vehicle; we clean every vehicle we buy

If you are looking to get an appraisal, transfer your vehicle to us, and leave check-in-hand, plan on 1-2 hours total for your visit.

Get an appraisal