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Check Out the Charismatic 2015 Honda Civic

If you've kept pace with our blog page here at Buerkle Honda, you may recall how, in our previous post, we profiled the 2015 Honda Accord.  Continuing that theme today, we'd like to turn our attention to the Accord's smaller sibling, the 2015 Honda Civic.  Take a peek at this most marvelous midsizer in the TV spot below:

As the chap in the commercial asserts, the Civic's cabin is, indeed, "cray-cray…

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Meet Our Fantastic Four-Door: 2015 Honda Accord

Excellence is not an easy thing to attain within a segment as jam-packed as the midsize sedan.  With so many available options out there, what's a four-door to do?  Well, as one of our longest-running and best-selling models, the Honda Accord no doubt has the answer.  An industry icon since 1976, this ride is renowned for its snazzy style and spirited road manner.  Get a feel for the current iteration of the Accord by…

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Casting an Envious Glance across the Pond

The onset of the Paris Motor Show brings with it a whirlwind of emotions.  Flurry of excitement for all the interesting concepts shown off is inevitable, along with the crushing disappointment of not having access to them. Then there is the realization that one of the coolest cars may not be coming to your country. Such is the case with Honda's Civic Type-R Concept. Though only a concept now, it will go to production…

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It's a Park-Off for the 2015 Honda Fit

As any economist will tell you, competition is a very good thing. Not only is it good for keeping prices fair and improving the quality of products, but it can also make for some pretty nice rewards. Not surprisingly, our favorite automaker here at Buerkle Honda is no stranger to these facts of life.

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Honda Grows Production Facility in China

On the other side of the world, our preferred Japanese automaker is expanding their production facilities. Excitingly this process is taking place within China, which was recently defined as one of the industry's biggest markets. Adding a third assembly line to their already existing ZengCheng Plant, Honda is looking to meet the country's growing demand.

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One Million Vehicles! Honda Reaches U.S. Export Milestone

Though the Big H is a Japanese company, it has been producing and exporting new Honda vehicles from its United States facilities (chiefly the plant in Marysville, OH) to numerous foreign markets for more than 25 years. In fact, over the past decade Honda has exported more vehicles built in North America that is has from Japan.

Today, we at Buerkle Honda and Honda are celebrating that the automaker has officially exported a whopping 1…

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"Civic of the Sky" Prepares For Takeoff

Perhaps the most popular vehicle in the Honda lineup, the Honda Civic has been traveling the greater Minneapolis roads for quite some time now.  Since, it is so popular here on land, why not give the Honda Civic the chance to tackle the sky? Or, do you think the folks at Buerkle Honda are crazy?

Before your beloved Honda fans sign up to earn their pilot certifications, you should know that the Civic will not…

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